How To Create A Calm Home You Want To Be In

If your home is feeling chaotic instead of like the peaceful haven you wish it was, this 5 step plan will help you turn that around. It’s easier than you think to create a calm home you will want to spend time in.

“Your home is always so peaceful and calm”.

I laughed when he said it because the kids had been screaming ten minutes before The Mister and His Mate walked in. But when I stopped laughing for a moment and looked around my home, soaking up the feel of it, I realised he was right.

Somehow over the last year these four we had managed to create a calm home in the middle of a never-endingly busy world. Well except for the odd toddler tantrum 😉

How had this happened?

The changes happened so slowly, so organically, that it felt like they happened all on their own. I wondered, was it the renovations? I suppose that helped.

There is a lot more natural light now. I certainly don’t miss the carpet. Or that wall we apparently  didn’t need 😉

But it was more than that.

Simpler than that.

It was a changing of the culture of our home that has brought this feeling of calm, of quiet purpose, and of peace. And as luck would have it, they were changes anyone can make regardless of budget or whether you are owning or renting. No renos required.

Create A Calm Home By Turning OFF the T.V.

Ok so we have a tv. We even watch it *gasp*. We just don’t watch a lot of it and we very rarely watch it during the day anymore.

Actually we rarely watch tv at all on weekdays. Movie night has become something to look forward to.

Try turning off your t.v. and see what a difference it makes straight away.

Yes, there may be some grumbles as you all get used to it, but it helps a lot. Even just having it off during the day will make a big difference and help create a calm home.

Once you get used to it being off you will wonder how you ever managed to put up with the noise! It puts me on edge now.

Try playing music in the background instead if you like a little mood music.

Embrace Minimalism for a More Restful Home

It’s amazing how much STUFF we can accumulate over the years. Pointless, expensive, takes-up-too-much-space stuff.

Trust me- you will feel better and your home will feel calmer if you declutter.

One of my favourite things about my home is the feeling of space and airiness. That all comes down to less stuff.

Jumping off the consumer bandwagon isn’t just good for the sense of calm it can bring to your home. It will save you $$$. It will also minimise your carbon footprint because less stuff equals less landfill, and less resources used in manufacturing things we really don’t need.

As for caring for your home, a minimalist daily rhythm will help you stay on top of chores without it feeling overwhelming. My home always starts to feel chaotic if I’ve strayed from our rhythm for more than a day.

Rhonda Hetzel of ‘Down to Earth‘ fame talks about the acceptance of housework as an everyday part of life being a mindset change, and that was a light bulb moment for me. Instead of wasting our energy resenting the time and effort it takes, we can instead incorporate housework into our daily rhythm. We can take pleasure in a job well done and enjoy the resulting peace in our home..

Organise Your Kids' STUFF

Kids seem to come with a lot of ‘stuff’ of their own.

Reduce the volume,  organise what you have and display attractively. You’ll see more use, more respect for belongings, and won’t feel overwhelmed by ‘kid things’ taking over your home.

Tackle one area at a time. Purge the books. Donate old clothes that no longer fit. Stop buying toys they don’t really need.

For me the hardest area to cut back and minimalise has been our homeschool supplies. If you are a homeschool family you will certainly know what I mean. For us moving our formal activities into the kitchen, into the heart of our home, has meant that mama gets more done in a day. And that certainly helps.

No matter what materials you use, how many materials you have, or where in the home you ‘school’, make sure there is ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’. Baskets are invaluable. Remember that 😉

For those of you with kids in school, try setting up a designated area for school bags and shoes, a tidy in-tray for notes sent home and create a homework nook to keep things organised.

The Way Your Home Smells Is Important!

Forget for a minute how delicious a made-from-scratch dinner smells, what is just as important is whaty our home DOESN’T smell like.

A calm home you want to be in doesn’t smell like harsh cleaning chemicals or synthetic fragrances. Using natural cleaning products, whether you make them or buy them, will stop those nasty cleaning smells that get stuck in your nose.

Try opening the windows wide for plenty of fresh air.

If you like a scented room burn a good quality oil or naturally fragranced candle. I love plain beeswax candles or a light orange scent.

And nothing beats the smell of freshly cut flowers!

By making these small changes your home will smell fresh and alive.

Your Own Purpose Can Guide Your Home To Peace

Maybe I should have put this one straight after ‘No T.V.’ because this is what fills the space.

Before, there never seemed to be enough time. Time to relax or time for hobbies. Often there didn’t even seem enough time for chores.

Finding a new purpose for your time feels amazing!

Those hours we spent watching T.V. can now spent playing games, gardening, reading, baking together…it’s up to you!

Your new calm home will give you the freedom to pursue your purpose. Your purpose gives you the willpower to make the changes you need.

What would you choose to do with your time?

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