About Me

Hi! I’m Kirstee from blogathomemum.com

About the Blog at Home Mum

Hello and welcome to the Blog At Home Mum. I’m so happy you’re here and I hope we become great friends!

I’m a mama to two children, a boy and a girl, and wife to one amazing man. No really. He supports every crazy idea I have and encourages me to chase my dreams.

I want to do that for you!

Blog at Home Mum is a place for you to come and find all the information you need to start your blog and grow it. But because we are mamas, it’s not as simple as saying this is what I am going to do and just doing it.

No, because we are mamas we need help to juggle all of those other balls as well. So here you will find tips for managing your time, being more productive, learning about blogging without spending money you don’t have…


(and this one may just be the most important)

I want to help you find the confidence you need to not just believe you can achieve your dreams, but learn to believe you are worthy of this success as well.

Why Blogging?

I love blogging. In fact, this is not my first blog! I also have a successful lifestyle blog (and a couple of smaller blogging adventures in my past too. But more about that another day).

Blogging is the perfect job for a mama.

And yes! It is a real job. I make money doing this and you can too.

Blogging allows us to stay home, to choose our work hours around our kids and get our creative vibe on. And you can make friends while you’re making money.

But it is hard work and can quickly become very time consuming.

There is so much to learn and so much to do.

That’s where Blog At Home Mum can help you. I’ll share all the tips and tricks I have learnt over the years and let you know where I went wrong so that you don’t have to waste time and money making the same mistakes I did.

Get to know me

I got married in 2008 and had my son in January 2009. The plan had always been for me to stay home with our kids. Unfortunately life and our budget had other plans and I had to put my son into daycare and return to work when he was six months old.

I wish I had known about blogging then!

A few years later, when my son was three, my husband took a job working interstate 4 weeks out of 5. It paid a lot better than local work and I was finally able to stay home with my little boy. I tried lots of different things then, including becoming a certified pilates instructor and starting my first two blogs.

I wish I had known then that I could make money blogging!

Almost four years went by. It was a busy four years. We were eventually blessed with our daughter. We bought our first new car and our first home. We started homeschooling and I started my intentional family living blog. My husband had had enough of working on the other side of the country and came home. Our income halved.

I wish I had monetised my blog earlier!

Over the last few years blogging I have learnt so much. I’ve learnt about how to write well, how to share my posts so they actually get seen, and how to make money doing it. I’ve made so many friends. And I have learnt that blogging is my true passion and helping others is my calling.

I am so happy I am sharing this with you now!

Fun Facts

I hate bananas but I love banana cake

I am addicted to caffeine and chocolate. But really, what mama isn’t?!

I prefer winter over summer and turn into a huge grouch when I’m hot.

I love pilates, yoga and hiking but I hate sweating. It’s a tough balance, that’s for sure.

I have too many notebooks on the go but I don’t really get bullet journalling. Maybe it’s what I do? I really don’t know. Let’s go ahead and call it minimalist bujo 😉

You’ll get to know me more as we go along and I’m looking forward to getting to know you too <3

Are you ready to become a Blog At Home Mum too?